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Email Marketing Has an Average Return Rate of $38 For Every $1 Spent

The numbers don’t lie. Email is STILL the best when it comes to getting customers in 2020.

For comparison: If you run a banner ad, for $1 invested getting $3 back is a monumental feat.

Crazy, right? That means even an average email campaign can outperform well-crafted banner ads… and everything else.

But don’t take our word for it.

Think about it… What do Amazon & Facebook ask you for the first time you try to sign up or log-in?

Now, think Netflix, eBay, Twitter, Paypal… What do they ask for when you log-in or sign up?

If you guessed email, you are correct! :)

That’s why every Fortune 500 brand you know relies on email marketing... BECAUSE IT WORKS!

Our Not-So Secret Strategy

People are always asking us how to get more out of every marketing dollar.

Our #1 answer continues to be…focus on email and be sure to get your headlines and copy right.

So, we had one of Neil Patel’s favorite copywriters put together headline and email templates that will make this easy on you.

Something like this would normally cost you tens of thousands of dollars but our team has put together templates to give you the short cut (for a heck of a lot cheaper).


How Do You Convert The Traffic Into Leads & Sales?

Profitable Email Automation & Headline Templates

Once your website starts generating leads with our software HelloBar, you’ll want to turn those leads into customers! And that means putting them through email campaigns and workflows that convert.

Of course, in the past you had to figure out how to do the following by yourself:

  • Write compelling, strategic follow-up email sequences to turn leads into customers
  • Write high converting headlines that entice users to actually take your offer 
  • Optimize your emails for different devices… or risk them not getting read

And finding someone else to do it for you can be just as hard. Most “professional” copywriters are expensive. (A-list copywriters charge $200k+ for a launch sequence, plus they demand equity on sales.)

My team and I thought there must be a better way.

That’s why we spent months tracking down the highest performing email templates, headlines and sequences we’ve ever built, and compiled them into one huge resource that you'll have at your fingertips.


Here are a few campaigns you might wanna deploy first from the templates...

New Customer Thank You

This is a flow to show your new customers that you care about them! It’s a chance to educate them and teach them more about your brand. It shouldn’t be taken lightly; this is the first touch point a customer has for you.

Lead Magnet Follow Up Series

Once you get a customer to take your free offer online, following up with an email series is crucial. This template will give you everything you need to include in this series so you can just pop in your details and have it up and going.

New High-Converting Headlines

Here is a key tip, text will make or break your website and pop-ups. The #1 shift I make when my website isn’t converting is changing text. We have taken hundreds of high-converting headlines and put them into fill-in-the blank templates for you.

Don't Believe Us? Check Out A Few Of Our Recent Success Stories...

Nutrition Secrets: 10 Leads To 50 Leads Per Day!

For Nutrition Secrets, we were originally collecting less than 10 leads per day with a simple sidebar.

When we used our Copywriters to modify the headlines, we went to 50 leads per day.

They used the exact same templates you will have access to!

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Ecommerce Sales Increased by 50%

Meet Travis Perry. Travis was on Shark Tank. He invented a tool to help people learn how to play guitar.

He went on Shark tank and got a deal. His business idea was excellent - but he was missing one item: He had the traffic he needed but he wasn’t getting the conversions on his e-commerce side. (If you are in eComm, email marketing should account for 30% of your overall sales.)

In the first 3 months of working with him, we increased commerce sales by 50% through putting re-writing his headlines and email copy.

Yes, there’s more opportunity today than ever before, but ONLY if you have the right strategies to capitalize on these opportunities while outmaneuvering the competition.

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What You’re Going To Get...

Profitable Email Automation & Headline Templates
  • 200+ Fill-In-The-Blank Headline Templates ($997 Value)
  • Fill-In-The Blank Email Campaigns...Free Offer + Welcome Series ($2500 Value)
  • Advanced Email Marketing Class ($997 Value)


Total Value: $4,494

Your Cost: Just $197


Avoid Costly Copywriters & Grab Our Templates Today


The value of what you are about to access is at least over $4,494 with the massive amount of training, campaigns and fill-in-the-blank copy you are about to access.

You will never hear or see me "hard selling" anyone on anything. I don't want to be sold, and I don't want to sell. Never have, never will.

That’s why - You can grab all of your templates for $197 total.

We absolutely guarantee everything we provide, if you are not satisfied within 10 days of purchase, we are happy to refund your money, no questions asked!

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